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If you manufacture a product and seek the right packaging to make your brand stand out, take direction from the following four tips. Whether you make candies, cheese, frozen meats and vegetables, medications, pet food, snacks, or supplements, these tips apply to just about every product.

1. Remember That Design Matters

If you make a delicious healthy snack, the design of the packaging plays into the popularity of sales and the ease of transportation, display and consumption. Take a look at store displays, and you’ll see that snack packaging is typically compact, bright and eye-catching, and easy to open and reseal to retain freshness. Photo-quality images and sparkling text add to the packaging’s allure.

2. Keep Your Packaging Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly packaging is more valuable than ever to consumers who want to reduce their carbon and other footprints. For example, recyclable flexible pouches are a great solution to make snack eaters feel better about their purchase and present your company and brand as socially conscious. Generally, flexible packaging requires less energy and fewer natural resources than other formats, and its carbon dioxide emissions are lower.

If you’re ready to boost your packaging to a higher level, consider PCR plastic packaging. Manufacturers make post-consumer recycled plastics from recycled items, including aluminum, cardboard and paper, and plastic bottles. New PCR plastic material is an excellent fit for flexible packaging: Since it’s already recycled, brands don’t need to remind consumers to compost or recycle the packaging after use.

3. Incorporate Value-Added Features

To better appeal to consumers and position your brand, consider incorporating value-added features that increase their knowledge and enjoyment of your product. High-quality images and windows, for example, allow consumers to see the product before they buy. Resealable zippers are another feature that enables consumers to enjoy their healthy snack or any other consumable product at their leisure, knowing they can return to it at any time before its shelf life ends.

If you want to stand out to retailers, too, consider adding hang holes to your flexible packaging so that they can make the most of their vertical display space. Of course, flexible packaging also offers stand-up and lay-flat pouches, which translates well to various retail displays.

4. Keep Odors In and Moisture Out

Odor- and moisture-resistant high-barrier films are a gift to those of you whose products depend on preserving freshness and maintaining quality. Coffee beans, crispy quinoa cookies, infused edibles, meat jerky and prepared meals are excellent examples of products that benefit from high-barrier film packagings such as custom Mylar bags and pouches. This type of packaging provides the freshness and quality these products require, contributing to positive consumer reviews and ratings.

Would you like more ideas and tips on finding the packaging to make your brand stand out to consumers and retailers? Contact a flexible packaging expert today. Many companies allow you to request an online quote, set up a consultation with a representative, or try a self-guided demo.

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